Business Card Support Corner!

DS Instruments RF Equipment Manufacturing

Welcome to my DSI business card info page!

It happens that my business card doubles as a compact development platform for anyone to play with. It is based around a 3.3 volt Atmel Xmega16A4U micro-controller in a TQFP package, so hand-soldering remains relatively simple. I geared it towards low-power sensor type projects but many other ideas are also possible.

As time permits I might post simple firmware samples to run on it, and I hope to have a boot-loader SOON, but for now it requires a $30 Atmel ISP programming device.

I really don't have time to provide support for these, but I will post any info I can here.

-Circuit Board Business Card Features List-

Full Bill of Materials Rev1-D Download

Full-build Digikey Cart

Basic-build Digikey Cart

Atmel Studio IDE

New ATMEL ICE Programmer

Beta Firmware Hex 1 - LED&Buzzer

More Demo / Test Firmware coming soon!


[V1.0 DS Instruments 2014]