Articles by WH Samuels


Vacation Dates

This Monday the 12th we will be starting a vacation with only tech support remaining open. Orders can still be placed, and will be processed the following week. Sorry for this delay!


Website Changes!

Please stand by, we are planning a change to the online store and the website could go down intermittently! 9/9/2020


Great New Products Finally Ready!

JUNE 2019: Introducing our brand-new 30GHz signal generator the SG30000, and our 30GHz integrated-LO microwave mixer, the MX30000! Both devices leverage the latest phase-lock-loop synthesizer core providing an extremely low-noise output.


Request Quote Fixed!

Our Request Quote page was not sending emails and it may have appeared that we never got back to you. We apologize for the ignored requests and hope you will contact us again! Thanks!