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DS Instruments designs and manufactures unique RF Test Equipment including Signal Generators, Digital Attenuators, Mixers, RF Switches, Tracking Generators and Frequency Counters. Our products are compact, affordable and reliable, making them attractive to engineers and technicians in aerospace, education, military, communications, and laboratories overseas. Our most popular instruments are completely controllable via USB PC GUI, automated SCPI COM port commands, and front push-buttons making them some of the most flexible devices on the market.

Microwave Signal Generator 22GHz KU Band - usb


Recent News and Updates

Ku Band Integrated LO Mixer!

wideband mixer with local oscillator

The new MX6800KU from DS Instruments! A 4-18GHz mixer with an integrated programmable Ku band local oscillator. Extremely cost effective and space saving!

New Product Released

RF Mixer with programmable LO - 6GHz

DS Instrument’s newest RF product! The MX6000L: a wideband mixer with integrated LO to 6GHz. No computer needed to set the LO frequency. Great price point, simple to use, powered from USB. Only $549.00! More info available on our product page.

New High-Frequency Attenuators

ultra-wideband 12ghz attenuator

DS Instruments is proud to announce two devices in our standalone step attenuator product line. The DAT32LH and DAT64LH. These ultra-wideband devices cover from 100MHz to beyond 12GHz. Each has a step size of 0.5dB and has an OLED display. They come in our smallest 2 inch enclosure.

Power Meter/Counter Shipping!


The preliminary datasheet is complete! Officially covering 50MHz to 7GHz, the TT7000 3-in-1 RF Meter is now shipping as of the first of June!

New RF Switch Matrix Product Line!

RF Microwave Design and Engineering Quality

Upcoming products for 2015 now include a line of affordable & compact Microwave Switch Matrices ranging from DC to 6GHz with both automated USB SCPI and manual control. A great tool for automated testing and verification environments. Check our RF Store for prices mid-June 2015!

New RF Power Meter & Counter!

best-tt7000-divWe are proud to announce the final round of testing and qualification on our most ambitious RF product yet. The TT7000 RF Power Meter / RF Frequency Counter / RF Signal Generator / RF Divider. All in one tiny metal case that fits in your hand. Head over to the product page for more info and preliminary specs.