30GHz Premium Signal Generator


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[April 2023 update: This is currently a chip shortage affected model!]

A low-harmonic, low-noise, wideband microwave generator up to 30GHz.

This PRO version of our 30GHz model offers a single multi-band RF output port, harmonic filtering, an oven-controlled frequency reference, and more robust output level control than the standard SG30000L. Like our SG6000 product line, this microwave generator is fully programmable via SCPI commands, or the front panel interface making it more flexible than any competing product. With an all-new low-phase-noise synthesizer, the SG30000PRO is aimed at phase-noise sensitive applications in C, X, Ku, K, and Ka-band development, testing, and converting.

New Rev 9 hardware (March 2023) improves harmonic levels, adds output phase control,  and lowers noise!

SG30000PRO REV 9 (2022) Device Features:

  • RF output covering 0.05 – 30GHz (single precision 2.92mm port)
  • Calibrated power control (LF – 22Ghz): -45dBm to +15dBm (step & vernier)
  • Calibrated power control (22 – 30GHz): -25dBm to +15dBm (step & vernier) typical
  • Calibrated power (LF-22GHz band) absolute accuracy: ±1.0dB typical
  • Calibrated power (22-30GHz band) absolute accuracy: ±1.5dB typical
  • Digital attenuator step size: 0.5dB
  • Variable attenuator resolution (vernier control): ~0.05dB
  • Output phase control with 1-degree resolution
  • Internal harmonic filtering matrix (500MHz – 30GHz)
  • Excellent phase noise: -92dBc @ 20GHz @ 10KHz offset
  • Extremely small frequency step size: 2Hz
  • Ultra-low-noise 100MHz VCXO locked to internal OCXO or external 10MHz reference
  • Internal 10MHz precision oven-controlled oscillator reference (±10PPB stability)
  • Compact powder-coated laser-etched enclosure
  • External dedicated sweep trigger port (MCX)
  • No-host-needed portable frequency sweeping support
  • Precision 2.92mm (40GHz rated) output port (3.5mm compatible)
  • Ethernet remote operation (DHCP default, static IP config)
  • Windows control software included (USB & Network enabled)
  • SCPI command aware via USB-C virtual COM port for remote control
  • Front controls and bright OLED display for stand-alone usage
  • Completely powered from Dual USB-C, no DC adapter required!

Common RF Applications:

  • Automated testing environments
  • General RF lab use
  • Flexible LO sourcing
  • Antenna design
  • EMC testing
  • Production verification and test setups
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / Defense Research
  • 802.11n development / Testing
  • Ku-band satellite link testing
  • X-band radar applications
  • Ka-band development
  • Up-converting and down-converting
  • Line of sight link testing
  • Wireless infrastructure design
  • Transponder verification
  • 5G testing
  • mm wave technology

PC Control Application:

Free control software

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