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An ultra-compact low-noise 100MHz to 22GHz microwave signal generator.

After years of development DS Instrument’s updated low-noise premium signal generator has been released! Offering lower phase noise, a wider frequency range, and more robust output level control than the standard SG22000. Like our SG6000 product line, this RF generator is fully programmable via SCPI commands (USB / Ethernet) or the front panel interface making it more flexible than any competing product. Offered as a higher performance version of the SG22000L, this upgraded microwave generator is aimed at phase-noise sensitive applications in X, Ku, and K-band development and testing.

Now shipping 2024 hardware version with additional harmonic filtering!

SG22000PRO Features:

  • Single multi-band SMA RF output port
  • Calibrated RF output covering 0.1 – 22GHz (0.025 – 24GHz at reduced performance)
  • Calibrated power range (0-13GHz): -40 to +15dBm
  • Calibrated power range (13-22GHz): -22 to +15dBm
  • Uncalibrated power range: -40 to +17dBm typical
  • New harmonic filtering down to 1GHz (2024 hardware)
  • Output phase control 0 to 360 degrees in 1.0-degree steps (2024 hardware)
  • Power output level resolution: 0.50dB steps & ~0.05dB vernier control
  • Calibrated power output accuracy: ±1.0dB typical
  • Low phase noise -92dBc @ 20GHz @ 10KHz offset
  • Extremely small frequency step size (<2Hz)
  • Harmonic levels: < -25dBc (typical)
  • Ultra-low-noise 100MHz VCXO locked to internal TCXO or external 10MHz reference
  • Internal precision high-frequency reference source (±280PPB 10MHz)
  • Ethernet & USB remote operation
  • Windows control software included (USB & Network enabled)
  • SCPI command aware via USB virtual COM port for remote control
  • Front controls and bright OLED display for stand-alone usage
  • USB-C powered (5V-2.0A), requires no extra DC adapter
  • Ultra-compact rugged aluminum case: 2.75″ x 1.25″ x 5.25″

Common RF Applications:

  • Automated testing environments
  • General RF lab use
  • Flexible LO sourcing
  • Antenna design
  • EMC testing
  • Production verification and test setups
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / Defense Research
  • 802.11n development / Testing
  • Ku-band satellite link testing
  • X-band radar applications
  • Up and down converting
  • Line of sight link testing
  • Wireless infrastructure design
  • Transponder verification
  • 5G development

Mechanical Specifications:

Signal Generator

PC Control Software:

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