MX2500 – 2.5GHz RF Mixer with LO


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The most compact and economical microwave integrated-mixer family on the planet. 

New from DS Instruments, the MX2500 is a wideband high-performance mixer with integrated 50 – 2500MHz Local Oscillator. LO frequency can be set with front controls, USB commands, or the provided windows PC application. The MX2500 makes an extremely convenient upconverter or downconverter by eliminating the need for cabling and a separate signal source.

New product for 2019!

MX2500 Hybrid RF Mixer Features:

  • USB powered from Laptop, battery-pack, Smartphone Charger, PC…
  • Up-converting, down-converting, general purpose mixing supported
  • Compact, rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Bright and efficient OLED display
  • Simple and effective control interface
  • Active LO harmonic-filtering
  • LO power level control
  • Industry standard virtual COM port serial commands
  • Premium gold 50-ohm microwave SMA ports (RF & IF)
  • Internal precision 10MHz reference frequency source
  • External reference frequency input port (MCX)
  • High-power LO output port (MCX)

RF Hybrid Mixer Specs:

  • Integrated 35 – 2500MHz programmable local oscillator
  • IF range: 1 – 1000MHz
  • RF range: 25-2500MHz
  • Typical LO to RF isolation: 35dB
  • Typical LO to IF isolation: 25dB
  • Maximum RF power input: +17dBm
  • Phase noise at 4.4GHz: -82dBc (10KHz offset)
  • Low conversion loss: < 8dB typical
  • Return loss: >12 dB
  • Typical IP3: 20dBm
  • Input P1dB: +5dBm
  • LO Harmonic level: -30dBc typical (50-2500MHz)
  • Reference source: ±2.5PPM 10MHz TCXO

Typical Mixing Applications:

  • General microwave lab applications
  • Receiver development
  • Communications applications
  • Bluetooth development
  • IOT testing
  • Wifi testing
  • Software defined radio applications
  • Block converting
  • Defense / electronic warfare


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