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The TG6000 is a generic RF Tracking Generator that can be used with many existing Spectrum Analyzers. It covers a range from DC to 6GHz and also functions as a standalone RF signal generator from 25 to 6000MHz.

The TG6000 can replace the Agilent HP 85640A external tracking generator and adds a Signal Generator function as well. In addition it covers the 2nd band, which the 85640A does not, providing a TG signal past 6GHz. A very good troubleshooting and measuring tool to easily characterize filters and attenuators!

We now have a Band 3 version to 12GHz here!

Tracking Signal Generator Specifications:

  • DC to 6.0 GHz Coverage
  • Internal Signal Generator:  25-6000 MHz
  • Typical TG output power: -5 dBm to +0dBm
  • Signal Generator power >= +10dBm
  • Very Compact Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.10″ x 1.15″

TG6000 Features:

  • RF Output SMA connectors
  • Rear SMA 10MHz Reference Frequency input
  • Fully USB-powered
  • Sturdy all-aluminium enclosure
  • Industry Standard SCPI Command support
  • Status and power LEDs




Supported  Spectrum  Analyzers:

  • HP 8566A/B
  • HP 8568A/B
  • HP 8569A/B
  • HP 8560 all versions
  • HP 8561 all versions
  • HP 8562 all versions
  • HP 8563 all versions
  • HP 8564 all versions
  • HP 8590*
  • HP 8591*
  • HP 8592*
  • HP 8593*
  • HP 8594*
  • HP 8595*
  • HP 8596*
  • HP E4407B
  • Advantest R3463
  • Advantest R3465
  • Advantest TR4133B
  • Anritsu MS2683
  • Anritsu MS710E
  • HP70000 Series

*Units without LO output option must be modified with a simple directional coupler. This should effect the internal LO by around 1.0dB. We recommend the ZADC-10-63+ inserted after the last power amp.

Tracking Signal Performance:

Tracking Generator Band 1

Mechanical Information:



Microwave Signal Generator Size Drawing

Tracking Generator Support:

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