20GHz Microwave Amplifier


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The wideband GB20000 provides a compact and affordable way to amplify signals from 5-20GHz for a variety of high-frequency and Ku-band applications. Micro-USB power and control makes this device much faster to integrate, and more flexible than traditional lab-powered devices.


Ku-Band Amplifier Features:

  • Frequency Range: 5 – 20GHz
  • Amplifier Gain: 20dB typical
  • p1dB: +21dBm
  • IP3: 28dBm
  • Noise Figure: 7.5dB
  • Connectors: Premium Microwave SMA
  • Return Loss: 10dB typical
  • Micro USB 5v power input


GB20000 Applications

  • Automated testing environments
  • Satellite signal amplification
  • Production verification
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / defense research
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Antenna research
  • Communication link design

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